Episode 18 – Deleted Within Hours

Virginia talks with caller Ali about online dating while bi, how most apps for women dating women are terrible, and some creative strategies Ali can try to up her online dating game with funny pictures when she can’t rely on wordy profiles to showcase her personality. Get Episode 18 in iTunes, or subscribe to get […]

Episode 16 – How to talk about work

Virginia tackles how to talk about your job in online dating—whether your work makes you seem boring or fascinating, quirky or valiant, you name it. Plus, we tackle some site-specific pitfalls and some strategies to disclose unemployment. Something for everyone, no matter how you pay the bills! Get Episode 16 in iTunes, or subscribe to […]

Episode 13 – I Will Be Hungry

Virginia and Jen discuss the pesky trend of coffee and drink dates versus actual dinner dates, and how to upgrade to actual food without seeming demanding. Get Episode 13 in iTunes, or subscribe to get all episodes!

Episode 12 – #Mansplaining

Virginia tackles the tricky topic of mansplaining, especially as it relates to online dating. In a mostly heteronormative world. With a feminist perspective. Plus, a special caller! Get Episode 12 in iTunes, or subscribe to get all episodes!

Episode 11 – Quality Over Quantity

Virginia gets schooled about happn, and helps a caller figure out how to express more of her real personality and energy so she stops going on boring dates with more passive guys. Get Episode 11 in iTunes, or subscribe to get all episodes!

Episode 9 – Left Ungoogled

Virginia talks with Lindsay Blackwell about Googling your dates. Should you? For what information? What should you conclude from the results? What about Googling pictures? Is there a way to remain un-Google-able? All this and more! Get Episode 9 in iTunes, or subscribe to get all episodes!